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The firm routinely litigates in federal court which most firms do not due to the complex rules of the federal rules of civil procedure and United States Code, the requirements of electronic filing, fast deadlines and strict adherence to standing orders.  C. Alex Naegele, A Professional Law Corporation routinely works federal courts and federal jurisdiction, dealing with bankruptcy, taxation, labor, trademark and other federal laws, as well as commercial diversity jurisdiction between residents of California and another state or country.

In addition, there are certain advantages to removing your state court case to a federal court or pleading a federal cause of action to bring your case in federal court due to the quick resolution of claims, the specialized nature of your case, and judges who specialize in federal law.

Finally, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals acts as the final decision-maker for California cases involving bankruptcy litigation, taxation litigation, labor litigation, trademark infringement and other cases.  The Ninth Circuit has developed an extensive body of case law that is clear and has addressed almost every problem.  This gives certainty to the other federal courts in issuing rulings and helps develop a strategy early in the case based on clear precedent.